Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog Tied Up And Left To Die

Mollyd Says

UPDATE: The ending gets happier!

Just heard that this little sweetie is eating and drinking well and has even managed a short walk! Wonderful and amazing! 8/16/09

Kind of hard to write about this one because my two paws are clenched into two little fists and to tell you the truth, I just want to bite these evil people! I’ll let you read the story for yourself, but I warn you- you’ll need a box of tissues. This beautiful, sweet creature was not only abandoned and left to die, but I can’t imagine the horrors she had to endure before that! GRRRRRRRRR!
Now this is why Mollyd’s mom says: If you know of an animal that is being neglected or abused, you MUST report it! Please don’t wait for someone else to do it. I personally believe you are obligated to take the same steps you would take if it were a child being abused. It is our duty to speak up for these sweet creatures that can’t speak for themselves.
(Click on "read the story for yourself" to be linked to article)
Extra Doxie Hugs and Kisses


  1. Oh...I can't read the full story. My heart aches just with the picture of the poor dog. Coy/Billy are GRRRRRRRRing too. But, they say dogs are tough/they're not surprised that the pooch is already drinking etc.. But, me, I'm always amazed at what dogs can endure. And, you bet I call about any abuse! I have in the past. I reported years ago...this one man over/over for what he did to his dogs. Makes me sick thing about it. Man, don't get me started! Sorry for such a long post!