Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mollyd's Mom Says: A Doxie's Story

Our sweet Mollyd came into our lives one sunny spring day with a call from our friend who is the vet for our local SPCA. She knew we loved dachshunds and there was a very special one whose time was up. Of course my husband was in the car in seconds. What he saw when he got there nearly broke his heart. There was Mollyd, skin and bones and teeth so rotten you could smell it before you even got to her cage! Her saggy belly showed that she’d probably had many litters. She was crouched in the corner- I’m sure wondering what life had in store for her next. No one would adopt her because of the expense of her dental needs. My husband remembers saying to her as she sat on the counter while he filled out the paperwork, “Don’t worry, life is going to be much better from now on.”

Well, life has been very good for Mollyd since that day. The very next day, she was at our vet’s office. She had to undergo a week of antibiotics before her dental work. She ended up with only seven teeth that could be saved, but she manages just fine with those! She has claimed her position as “Queen of the House” and keeps a tight rein on the goings on of the other three doxies in our home. Marley, our daughter’s greyhound, immediately fell in love with her and thinks she’s quiet the hot doxie!

Mollyd has a very enviable outlook on life now. She is absolutely convinced that she is the most beautiful and desirable dog on the planet, and so of course wherever we go, every human and dog gravitates to her! She doesn’t put up with any shinnanigans at home or at the dog park. I’ve seen her go up to a group of big dogs at the dog park who she decided were getting too rambunctious and have them all going in different directions with their tails between their legs! She expects her meals and treats in a timely way and has her own little frolicking dance we call “the biscuit dance”. She believes that all praise is deserved not matter how inflated, all joys in life should be relished no matter how small, and that there is no problem that can’t be made better by a good, long snuggle on the couch. Not a bad philosophy, don’t you think?

Mollyd's Mom


  1. Molly, you are an inspiration to all of us!

  2. What a sweet story. Thank you for saving a life, Mollyd is lucky to have found you!

  3. What a beautiful story. Our neighbours have a miniature dachshund pup & she sure tells our greyhounds who's boss! ;-)

  4. I love it. So, well written. Plus such a great story. And, I have to say Mollyd deserves all she thinks she deserves...thank God you/your husband took her. Many pass up the ill dogs etc., but once they're well. They blossom and become the best pets. I only have and have had rescued animals-since my adulthood! the only way to go! I'm putting my portable soap box down now. lol