Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greyhound Rescue

Becky in her special carriage.

Mollyd Says: It’s all about the hounds!
I’m sure that by now all my pup pals know that being a rescue myself, learning about humans who give their time, money, homes, and lives to saving pups like me gets my tail wagging! Since my cousins, Marley and Keiki, are greyhounds, I want to introduce you to two very special groups that work hard for pup rescue.
First, I want to share the sad story of Becky, the beautiful greyhound. Becky was only 15 months old when she was brought in from the tracks by WAG, We Adopt Greyhounds, already feeling sick. At the track, right after she had been spayed, she was given treatment for heartworms and nine vaccinations all on the same day. Her reaction was serious. She was in pain, feverish, and couldn’t even get up to walk without help. After many tests and visits to specialists, it was diagnosed that she had a condition whose title is as long as this doxie, basically her body began attacking her joints! Very painful and very expensive to treat. Poor Becky requires many medications and doctor’s visits. WAG wanted her to still be able to enjoy outings, so they bought her a special carriage to go out in! You can read her whole story here .

Stop by WAG while you’re at it and read about their rescue efforts and all the greyhounds ready for a forever home.

Another favorite of Mollyd is Handmade4Hounds on Etsy. This is a wonderful group of artists who donate their creations for sale on the H4H site. 100% of the purchase goes to sighthound rescue organizations. I’m very proud of my mom (she's Brooke of ShopMollyd) for being one of those artists, but there are so many others!

One of them many of you already know because you’ve probably eaten her delicious cookies! LaineysPawtique is already famous over on Twitter for her yummy homemade treats. The pup pals all give her rave reviews! You’ll find her on H4H but you can check out all her yummies at her Etsy Shop!
There are martingale collars from Hound’s Closet.

And jewelry

And even something for your garden!

I hope you will stop by and take a look and help the hounds with a purchase.


  1. awww, your making me miss my pup...those are some great items and wonderful shops..thanks for sharing, I"ll definitely pass along.

  2. It is so awesome that so many people work so hard to help the greyhounds! The general public just doesn't realize yet that about 30% of all greyhounds bred each year for racing get "put down" at around 2-3 yrs old by the track owners because there is no where for them to go. And the ones that do find homes are so often sick or injured. Every penny helps save a life, please please help by donating or purchasing an item from one of these Etsy shops!!