Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sham "Wow" For Pet Urine?

Our four doxies are what I call "reverse camels". They are at the water bowl all the time, but can "hold" it forever- or rather they can hold it until there's no one around to open the door. Sooooo- we bought the ol' steam cleaner and some stock in paper towel companies. Then I started seeing the "Sham Wow" commercials, you know the ones where they spill a whole two liter bottle of soda on the carpet and magically the Sham Wow just sucks up the whole thing.
I finally broke down and bought it while we were in Oregon at the farmer's market. The guy demonstrated its magical powers right in front of me, and I went home minus $25.00, but I got TWO sets as a "special offer"!
I anxiously waited for one of the doxies to have an accident which took only about half an hour. With my new Sham Wow in hand, I headed for the wet spot. You're suppossed to use it damp, wash it in the washing machine, but not put it in the dryer. So I dampened it, wrung it out, and pressed it on the urine spot...and pretty much nothing happened. I stood on it and a little more came up, but nothing like what I get with the paper towels. I decided that the difference was that the guy who demonstrated it used a square of carpet with no carpet pad underneath to hold onto the liquid. I think carpet padding is like a super Sham Wow.
Disappointed that I had spent so much on yet another thing that doesn't work the way it's supposed to, I threw it in the washer and then the dryer. I used the rest of the Sham Wows as dust cloths (they work great for this) and wash rags (great for this, too).
BUT, the one that had gone through the dryer got brought out for one more accident (I'm a sucker for giving second chances). It had shrunk to about 1/3 of its size in the dryer, but this time it worked pretty well! Still not as good as paper towels, but since it's reusable, over time worth it.
So what's the final verdict on the amazing "Sham Wow"? If you need some really expensive dust rags, you will like it. Works OK for pet accidents, but nothing to rave about. If you've had better success, I'd love to hear your comments.
Mollyd's Mom


  1. I use a shamwow for my two greyhounds' accidents and it works great, but I have area rugs over hardwoods, so no carpet padding to absorb the urine. Also, they can be cut up and used on Swiffers instead of those wasteful disposable pads they sell!

  2. I love the Swiffer idea! I do think the carpet pad is the problem.

  3. I've never used one, but I've seen plenty of demonstrations. What worked wonders for me, when my pup got sick and couldn't hold himself was the paper towels, followed by a dusting of baking soda. The baking soda will absorb the urine right out of the carpet pad too it seems, it will turn a bit yellow, but it definitely works and absorbs the odor also.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Dee. I'll try the baking soda!

  5. I'm always looking the that 'miracle' cure for dog pee! I love the idea of the baking soda and will definitely try that one, I know it won't be long lol!

    Lovely items on your site!